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Privacy Policy

  • Only information pertaining to customers order such as name, phone number, address and items ordered will be kept on our customer database.

  • This information is collected for the purpose of servicing the customer.

  • Any information collected will not be passed onto any third parties without customer consent.

  • All credit card transactions are processed securely and no card details stored.

Delivery & Payment Terms

  • Payment is requested upon submission of the customer's order. Once payment is successfully completed we will then proceed to fulfil the order - whether this be delivery or pick-up.

  • Customers will receive a confirmation that their order is ready to be fulfilled.

  • Our typical fulfilment will range between 30-45mins. If there are any delays, we will reach out to advise the customer.

Refund & Complaints

  • Provided the order is not already in the process of being fulfilled, the customer may cancel by calling us. We would then cancel and refund the amount paid by the customer.

  • If for any reason the customer is not happy with the order after fulfilment, the customer is to call us to advise.

  • Full refunds will only be offered for services with major faults/defects as per Australian Consumer Law. 

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